This is a very neat easter egg that I came across trying to find the picture for one icon. When I show this to people, they are usually surprised to see that a ‘touch of humour’ has slipped inside SAP. If you want to see what I mean follow these steps:
Goto transaction SMW0 (That’ll give you access to the SAP Web Repository.

Choose the option as shown below and execute:
SAP web repository
In the following window, in the Object name field, type STMA_FRONT_PICTURE_SAP and again execute (as shown below):
In the next screen, just select the line and view the file ….
View the magic
… and voila !! Getafix .
Getafix in the Engine
Nota: You may have to associate the MIME type ‘gif’ with an application in order to view the file. Alternatively if you do not know how do it/or do not want to do it, you can download the file to your PC and view from there.

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