Have you ever had that problem where you needed to customize a number range in SAP but just did not know where you had to do it in the IMG? Worse still, you are running a transaction and you get an error message because there is no number range for object RF_BELEG? RF what? That’s not important, but here is a tip that saved the day on more then one occasion.
The magic transaction is SNRO. Type it in the transaction box ….

…..or navigate down the menus as shown below.

This will bring you to the following screen.

At this point you could already type the object for which you want to maintain the number range (RF_BELEG for example) or you can use the search functionalities to look for it. Search for your object and select it.

Note that you can search for an object based on its object name (E.g: RF_BELEG ) or you could do a text search (E.g:*accounting*). Both options can work with or without wildcards (*).Once you found the desired object, just click on ‘Number Ranges’ and maintain those numbers!

By the way, the object RF_BELEG corresponds to accounting documents.

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