This is really a quick tip that I’m posting more for me, but which I thought I’d share with the rest of the community.

If you are using the Service Desk functionality of Solution Manager, you may know that it is possible to create support requests right from your satelite SAP system. This is a really neat functionality because it allows you to report an incident right there and then when it happens – i.e there is no need for you to connect to a solution manager system, either via the SAP GUI or portal to report the incident.

To do that, you will find a “Create suport message” menu entry that allows you to do just that.


The trouble is that if your system administrator has not done the customising that enables for your SAP system to know the destination of the incident (the rfc destination of you solution manager system), then you will get an error message such as the one below.


So to correct this you need to add an entry in the table BCOS_CUST. To add that entry go to transaction SM31 in maintenance mode.


You then need to add an entry identical to the one below (except that you must of course indicate the rfc destination of your Solution Manager system).


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