Ok, so for what it’s worth I have put my various TM postings together in an e-book that you can as of today download and consume without moderation ! My current aim is to release a new version of the e-book whenever a new post is published or depending on my workload every 2-3 months. It could also be that others will want to contribute (hint hint !) hence accelerating the amount of content as well as updates.

The limitation of the tool I use, unfortunately is that there is no central Table Of Content that can be generated for the whole book when the page display mode is landscape (the one I have chosen for this book), so here are some tips for finding your way around.

The book at the moment has three chapters, titled:

  1. Setting up Transportation Management
  2. Integration
  3. Thoughts

Each chapter is subdivided in sections. To find out what sections make up a chapter, you need to navigate to the table of contents of the relevant chapter.

To access the table of contents of the book, click anywhere on the screen. This will, as shown below, reveal a menu bar as well as menu icons. Click the one as shown below to reveal a Table of Contents menu.


Use (click on) the small dot points at the bottom of the screen to access the various chapters. Each chapter opening page will as shown below, have a table of contents.


Downloading and using this book

This book can only be used on an Apple IOS device. You also need the Apple iBooks app in order to read it. You should be able to download the book straight to your device and open it with iBooks. If not, download it, then sync it to your device using iTunes.

Your feedback is welcome, so let me know what you find works and what does not.

This will be the page that gets updated with the most up to date version of the book (click the version to download it).

Version 1.0 – released on 31 March 2013 is the latest version.

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