Last week, whilst looking into the some container management functionality, I came across this interesting feature that I thought I would quickly share. This feature should be particularly handy if you carry out manual planning (or even if you just want to re-assign a Freight unit for example from one freight order to another).

To have this feature available, you need to amend some settings in your transportation cockpit layout.

In my case, in the ‘Orders Area’, I have for my selected content activated the ‘Dual view’ indicator. A bit further down in my screen I have selected two different hierarchy types – this will show the same information using two different hierarchies (you can create your own hierarchies in customising).


Once in the transportation cockpit, in the order area, for my selected content, I now see a ‘Dual View’ button (as shown below).


If I click on it, a new planning screen will open up, showing my orders area information, using the dual views I defined earlier – as shown below.


This feature is very handy when you want to re-assign objects.