As you may have noticed, in SAP Transportation Management, there is no possibility to delete a business partner whilst in the maintenance transaction BP  (Business Partner Maintenance). That said it is not impossible to delete them if for example you erroneously created one.

To delete them call transaction BUPA_PRE_DA. The following screen will be presented. In the Business Partner field, indicate the business partner(s) you want to delete.



Note that you can run it in test mode. Then, execute and validate the pop-up window that appears.



A result message will be displayed.



At this stage your business partner has been flagged for deletion, but he still in the system. To delete it proceed to transaction BUPA_DEL. The following screen will be presented.


Again, you can run it in test mode if you wish. Execute the transaction.


Validate the pop-up and a result window should then appear to advise you of the deletion of the business partner. He will now have been deleted from the system.


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