Welcome to this new section titled S4HCKS, which stands for S/4HANA Cloud Knowledge Snippet, in which I will share with you my tips, secretes and insights into helping you make better use of your S/4HANA Public Cloud solution. In this first post, I will discuss a new way to handle role changes (catalog deprecation to be more specific).

Between releases of S/4HANA Public Cloud, the business catalogs that are assigned to a business role can change – in particular, some catalogs get deprecated and can be replaced with new ‘successor’ ones. This is so that customers can fully leverage the new innovations that SAP ships in the cloud on a quarterly basis.

Up till now this process of identifying deprecated catalogs, finding their successor and performing the change (from old to new) was not as optimal as it could be. However with the 1702 release, the first of many improvements have been delivered that will provide welcome simplification towards identifying changes and performing them, if you wish.

An new app named ‘Business Catalogs’ is there to ease this process of identifying which catalogs are deprecated.

Customers can now quickly identify which catalogs are deprecated and most importantly, still in use !


Then for a given business catalog, you also have information regarding which successor catalog role(s) exist.

and lastly do the business role adaptations.

and don’t forget to Activate the roles afterwards !

Of note, once a catalog is advertised as deprecated via the Business Catalog app, it will exist in the system for two more releases before being deleted from the system, so you do have some time to adopt the changes.

For the moment, if new catalogs exist for a role, an excel (part of the shipment documentation) will provide guidance on which new catalogs are available for a business role, so that customers can also handle these additions.