[Updated for 1708 Release]

In this new S/4HANA Cloud Knowledge Snippet, I will talk about key assets that you simply must know of, in order to put the best odds of success on the side of you S/4HANA Public Cloud project.

SAP Activate

With the release of S/4HANA, SAP released a new methodology named SAP Activate. This methodology is applicable to on-premise deployments, but even more so when we talk about cloud deployments, as the methodology is embedded in the solution. If you want to be successful, there are no ifs or buts, you must know SAP Activate, adhere to its principles and apply it in your projects. Thankfully, SAP provide an externally facing Jam that is bursting with information. In order to access it, simply go to the URL http://bit.ly/SAPActivate, tpe your name in the form field and wait to get an invite.

You can also find additional detailed information on SAP Activate, in the roadmap viewer – follow General Methodologies –> SAP Activate –> SAP Activate Methodology for New Cloud Implementations (Public Cloud).


Contrary to what the name might imply, this does not deal with the product roadmap, but your S/4HANA Public Cloud Project roadmap. This site is much more than a project companion, this site should be seen as the equivalent of your project’s bedside bible! This will help guide your implementation path, for your chosen Cloud Edition. Here you will find guidance on the phases, deliverables and tasks that are relevant to the point in time in which your project is. You will also find plentiful amounts of accelerators, including key ones that you will need to know and complete in order to make certain service center requests. Remember to log in, in order to access all the content that this site has to offer. From the landing page, follow SAP S/4HANA –> On-Cloud –> The roadmap for your chosen version.

SAP Best Practices Explorer

The SAP Best Practices Explorer, is your one stop shop for finding out all the scope items that we offer for a given cloud edition and for a given country localisation. Here you will find the test scripts (Best Practices) to aid you in your fit to standard analysis (the textual step by step instructions as well as the graphical business process steps in BPMN formats – SAP even provide you an externally editable version of the BPMN file). The best practices explorer also features the entire documentation of the building blocks that make up a scope item. Of course in cloud you cannot access the backend of your system, but at least via the documentation, you have detailed visibility of the configuration settings that exist in your cloud tenant. As with the Roadmap site, do not forget to log in, in order to access all the accelerators.

SAP User Assistance

This site is a great resource if you are looking for general information that is applicable to all cloud editions (eg. concepts such as output management, extensibility, analytics,  etc…) as well as information that is specific to an edition. In particular, the edition specific information will usually provide information for the various apps that are available, explained in layman’s terms.

SAP Help

The SAP help site, which has recently been revamped, is of course also a great starting point in order to get up-to-date information on S/4HANA whether you are looking at the on-premise or on-cloud versions of the product. At the time of writing this post, the most recent shipment of SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud was release 1702 1708. The corresponding dedicated help page can be found here. Important documents that you will be able to access from this page are, the Feature Scope Description document and the User on-boarding for SAP S/4HANA Cloud document, which tells you all you need to know regarding how to create yours business users in your SAP S/4HANA Cloud solution. If you are an existing SAP S/4HANA Public cloud customer going through an upgrade process, then I also suggest reading the what’s new document, in order to get the latest details on the great new functionality being added to this release.

FIORI Apps Library

The SAP Fiori apps reference library is of course the go-to place if you want to find specific and detailed information about a given app. Beyond that, you will also here find priceless information regarding for example, the business catalogs and business roles in which you will find this app, but also the application component of the app in question (this is very handy if you need to log an incident for that app with SAP Support – see below).


Hopefully you will find these documents a great starting point to know more about the SAP S/4HANA Cloud, but please do also refer to them continuously, especially the roadmap and the SAP Activate methodology, in order to ensure project success.