Welcome to another S/4HANA Cloud Knowledge Snippet. This post will focus on a demystifying a few things, within the context of Project Management – more specifically the ‘Plan Customer Projects’ app.

The first thing will be to explain the number of projects that is indicated in the Plan Customer Projects Tile, that is displayed in the Fiori Launchpad. This number does not represent the number of customer projects in your S/4HANA system, or the number of project where are you the designated project manager.

In fact this number is the total number of customer projects, where your username is identified as one of four roles in a project. These roles are :

  • The Project Manager
  • The Project Partner
  • The Project  Controller
  • The Project Accountant

These roles can be found in the header information screen of your project (as shown below).


Filtering projects

Now that we have explained what the number is in the Plan Customer Projects, let’s move on. By default, when you click on the above tile, this will , then bring you in the Customer Projects app per se and present to you the projects for which your are identified as someone occupying one of the four roles mentioned above. The next question I usually get from customers is “…but I also want to see projects where I am not engaged in one of the roles above”. Typically a CEO or a practice manager wants  to be able to see how projects are structured.

Of course, with this app, you can do that. In the bottom left section of the screen, you will see a filter icon (as shown below), that allows you to display the data for other projects, based on their status. For example you might want to see projects that are currently being contractualised or being executed.

Adding favorites

Another nifty feature, is the ability to flag a project (or projects) as favorites. Maybe there are some projects you want to have a quick access to frequently and don’t want to use the filter trying to find them. To do so, you can mark those projects for you which you want to keep a close eye as favorites. As shown below, simply select your project and then mark it as a favorite. To access your ‘favorite’ projects, all you need to do is to use the filter icon and select ‘My Favorites’ to see them instantly.



Grouping projects

Another useful feature is the ability to group the projects that appear in your worklist, based one of two possible criteria.. The first one is the Project Manager and the second is the Customer Name. To perform this grouping simply click on the Grouping icon (as shown below), that is accessible from the project list on the left of the screen.

Adding a grouping, as the name indicates will then group the display of projects according to your grouping preference. In the example below, it is grouped by project manager.


For your eyes only

In the information header screen of projects, you may have seen the above button named “Public Project’, with a very direct yes or no value and wondered what it was for? Well, this controls as the name indicates, if your project is going to be public or not. I.e for example if someone uses the enterprise search capabilities of S/4HANA trying to find a project, should this project appear in the resulting hit list? There are some projects that may withhold sensitive information that you want to exclude from this search and that is how you can control that access.

Privacy Preference Center