Welcome to another S/4HANA Cloud Knowledge Snippet #S4HCKS. In this snippet we’ll look at data migration and  answer a question I frequently get from customers on the topic of number ranges for business partners. We’ll work through an example of a ‘Customer’ upload, but what I write here is just as applicable to ‘Supplier’ business partner uploads.

Let’s look at Customer master upload template, automatically generated from my SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud system. As you will notice, next to the ‘Customer Number’ field name, there is a ‘ * ‘.

The ‘ * ‘ itself is present against several fields in the data migration templates, and is there to remind you that these fields are mandatory. So the question I often get is : ” How can I reconcile an internal number assignment with a mandatory field ? Why do I need to maintain a number since I want the system to assign it? “. This is a valid point.

The first thing we need to understand is the use of that number in the data upload template file. If you look at the data upload template file, you will notice that it contains several tabs. This is already a good indication, that the data pertaining to one customer will be spread across these several tabs. This is where the first use of that customer number comes into play – it helps to string together these various tabs.

I.e the system will look for data, for a given customer, across these tabs. The system will know which records (across those tabs) logically belongs together at the time of the upload, thanks to this ‘Customer number’ that is present in every tab. Now that we have sorted that question, let’s move on to letting the system know that we want to use Internal numbering (and not use as in my example the ID 123, to create the customer).

This is actually quite simple but not evident, as you define this rule a little later in the process when you start the data processing per se. After the initial data processing, you will come to a data mapping step. In that step, you will have an option to let the system know if you want to use internal numbering (auto assigned by SAP) or external numbering (use the number indicated in the file). In the example below, I have selected Internal numbering.


As you can see, the number that was assigned to my customer was an internal, automatically assigned number. The number 123 that I used in my upload file was as said, only used to string together the various tabs of the upload file.

Please note, that this internal / external numbering is set for all the business partners that are part of a single load. This means that if you are looking to upload a mix of internally / externally numbered business partners, then you will need to do at least 2 uploads (to distinguish between these numbering choices).

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