Time to value, time to value, time to value. Do I need to said it again? SAP S/4HANA Cloud, the only intelligent cloud ERP out there, is all about time to value. Not just for your first implementation but for each subsequent one as well as during upgrades, when every quarter, we ship new innovations and functions.

To be coherent with that philosophy, SAP provide within the SAP S/4HANA Cloud solution an automated regression test tool. Indeed, when we upgrade a public landscape, the upgrade is first applied to the Q system and 2 weeks later to the P system. This gives you a 2 weeks time window to regression test your processes. Because of the unprecedented pace with which we deliver new innovations, we cannot expect customers to every quarter,  take business people out of their day to day duties to regression test their processes – hence, enter the automated regression test tool.

To fastrack your testing, we also deliver out of the box all the test scripts you need in order to perform your regression tests. That’s right, for every business process we ship, we provide you with a test script. That said, we also understand that customers might have a need to adapt our test scripts and tailor them to their context, by for example, adding additional fields to the test scripts.

In the video that I have added below, I will explain the following steps:

  • Create a test process by copying a standard test process
  • Delete process steps unnecessary to your testing
  • Add additional fields to your custom test process using the recording function
  • Using system variables as input fields
  • Creating a test plan
  • Creating a test data variant for your test
  • Executing your test, within your test plan