This post and video are here to demystify the S/4HANA Cloud Q system system provisioning process – which at the end of the day is very simple, if you follow the instructions that are clearly consigned in the Roadmap Viewer.

The provisioning of the Q system happens toward the end of the explore phase and must be in place in order to begin the realize phase. Requesting the Q system, is not a task that should be taken lightly (a tight timeline is not an acceptable reason to cut corners), because there are some settings that cannot be revisited once your Q system has been activated. So make sure that you have completed your Fit To Standard analysis and you go into the Realize phase, fully understanding the questions that are in the Q system provisioning questionnaire and have duly completed all the required templates, but have also identified the configurations that will need to be done, once you get your Q system.

To access the Roadmap the link is  . Once there find the Solution Specific card and then find the Roadmap: SAP Activate Methodology for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, as highlighted in the screenshot below.

Once you access the Roadmap, then simply navigate to the Explore phase, then the Request Quality System deliverable and the task Provide Provisioning Information to the Service Center.

I have also below added a complete movie, that will guide you through the entire process. If you want to jump to a specific part, these are the markers at which specific topics are discussed:

  • Accessing the roadmap and finding the Q provisioning information  – 00:00:07
  • The Organizational structure template – 00:08:45
  • The Chart Of Accounts template – 00:14:16
  • The bank/vertex/lockbox template – 00:17:45
  • The Q request questionnaire – 00:19:15
  • Triggering the automated Q system request process – 00:31:31