This new post and accompanying video are a continuation of a previous post, in which I discussed the steps required to setup printing in the cloud. In this new post we discuss the topic of print forms – in other words the document that you will print to paper, or send via email to your business partners.

As usual, I have put together a video to walk you through a concrete example, taking the purchase order as an example. The video shows how you :

  • How you can customise a master form to your own needs – in this case we had a specific logo
  • How you can link that specific master form to a purchase organisation
  • How you can customise a content form
  • How you can link that specific content form to a specific supplier


Some of the key things to remember when talking about forms in the Cloud:

  • You need Adobe LiveCycle Designer to modify forms in Cloud (available from SAP Support – use version 10.4 or higher)
  • You can implement Master and Content forms. Master forms, I usually regard as the ‘window dressing’ of the form, i.e the logo, branding elements headers, footers – that are common to your organisation. The content form will usually hold dynamic content – that varies with the object it is related to, for example purchase orders
  • The master form will drive the paper size and orientation, form title, logo information (graphic), page number, sender and receiver addresses and footer blocks

Check out the video below for a full step by step explanation. You can also view the video on Youtube.