With the 1708 release of SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP ushered in a new flexible workflow framework. Whilst it will in subsequent releases gain additional capabilities and be utilised in the context of even more approval processes, you can now handle multi-level and complex approval processes, especially in the context of Sourcing and Procurement.

In this blog, we will investigate how you can setup a multi-level approval (2 levels, but you could have more) process for purchase orders. We will look at the steps you need to undertake to define your workflow, from a functional point of view (i.e using the tiles available in the Fiori Launch Pad (FLP), as well as the appropriate SSCUI (Self Service Configuration UI’s), in order to activate the flexible workflow framework for the considered object.

Please consult the SAP help section on the Management of Workflows for purchase orders.