In this snippet, we will cover all things custom analytics and reporting, from looking at how you source your data through to how you expose it – your way !

From Idea to Insights !

We will use the picture below to illustrate the capabilities that SAP S/4HANA Cloud offers (also applicable to on-premise) to ideate a KPI and actually build it – all the whilst showing how easy it is to do it and how quickly any informed user can do this (you do not need an army of developers to do it !).

The idea is that we need a KPI tile, that will directly when I log into SAP S/4HANA Cloud, show me 3 figures:

  • My sales revenue
  • My costs
  • My Margin (simple difference between my sales and costs)

To make it a little more relevant and highlight additional functions of S/4, we will limit this KPI to showing data a rolling 30 days worth of data. On top of this, whilst it’s great to have a KPI that shows me the above information, it is high level. I need to be able to drill down to the lowest level of detail of my data to really understand where revenue leakage is occurring or, let’s hope so, where my greatest profits are coming from. So this KPI tile will also be a full blown application that offers me deep drill down capabilities to slice and dice my data, my way. To top it all off, I’m a picture person, so I want a nice graphic of my data.

To illustrate this use case, the following steps will be explored in the videos below:

  • Sourcing the data in S/4HANA Cloud – where do you go to find CDS’s (Core Data Services)
  • Building your own Custom CDS (creating your own data source)
  • Creating your own Custom Analytical Query
  • Creating your own KPI (what information do you want it to show – how do you want to drill down your data)
  • Exposing the KPI as a tile on the Fiori Launch Pad


In the end the recording turned out to be so long that I decided to split it up (which should also make it easier for you to go back to a specific section).

As usual, I will use video to illustrate this snippet. However, the recording turned out to be so long, so I decided to split it up, which should also make it easier for you to directly jump to a section of interest. So let’s begin !

Part 1 - Intoduction

Part 2 - Insights to Actions

Part 3 - Sourcing the Data

Part 4 - Creating a Custom CDS

Part 5 - Creating a Custom Analytical Query

Part 6 - Quick save as a Tile

Part 7 - Creating a Custom KPI

Part 8 - Publishing the KPI as a tile on the Fiori Launch Pad

Part 9 - Creating an application for your data from your query

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