In this post we look at the mass processing capabilities that SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud offers. In particular in this episode we focus on the product master mass processing capabilities, showing how easy it is to mass process changes to your product masters either via file or directly in the system. The use case adopted in the episode is a need to extend a number of materials so as to hold MRP Area specific information and parameters.

You may consider using this tool under different scenarios.

  1. In the context of a business change, where a number of products need to be changed or extended
  2. In the context of data migration, where possibly the data migration cockpit does not cater to the fields you require

With regards to my last comment above, please note that the mass processing tool is not a substitute for the data migration cockpit – which is the tool to use for that purpose. Indeed the mass processing tool requires, as a pre-requisite for the root record to be created. This mean that the material needs to exist in the system before you contemplate using the mass processing tool.

Another point which I want to make clear, is that contrary to the data migration cockpit, if you are going to use a file to perform as a basis for your mass changes, you need to compile this file yourself – there is no template that is generated for you. That said, creating this file is quite simple to do, and if you go with the .xlsx file format as I have used, you will very likely find the end result to be very similar to a template from the data migration cockpit.

To help you kick start your endeavours in this space, I have below added the template file which I used in this recording – it is provided here as-is – I will not provide support for it – just click the icon below to download it.

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