In this SAP S/4HANA Cloud Knowledge Snippet – #S4HCKS – , we show you how you can tailor the configuration UI of AVC materials to your heart’s content by maintaining characteristics groups.

A characteristics group is a great feature that came with our 1808 release of SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Previously, all characteristics assigned to a product were displayed in one screen. Whilst this would suit a ‘power user’ that needs to have full visibility of all the product characteristics, it may not suit a person whose job is to create a sales order – real quick. With characteristics group you can group together under grips that will appear as tabs in the sale order configuration screen.

This will undoubtedly prove to be hit with many employees that just want to see the characteristics they need to configure a product, or this might be a great way to segregate characteristics that fit together ( for example you want to group together the mechanical features of your products under one tab, and the electrical features under another).

Please check the video below for a full walkthrough showing you how to create and assign groups to your configurable (AVC) materials.