We live in an ever changing world. Juggling several responsibilities at once, it becomes difficult to stay on top of things. Customers cancel sales orders or change their orders, manufacturing cancels production runs or change the schedules, marketing decides that some products are no longer sold/manufactured. But you have already issued purchase orders to your suppliers to cover these requirements. So how do you know that some purchase orders may no longer be needed? What can you do to prevent purchasing products that you will no longer need and that will only take the dust in your warehouse? in 1902, with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, this has now becomes child’s play. You can now leverage the Situation Handling Framework, and let the system do the hard yards of finding those purchase orders that will drag the financial earth of your organisation south. In this snippet, we show you exactly how easy it is to leverage this new functionality.

Video: Leverage the Situation Handling framework to identify unwanted purchase orders