This post accompanies the corresponding Youtube recording that can be viewed below.

The intent of this post is simply to make the custom logic code available, if it helps.

*   Custom Logic to bring the Freight Order number associated with a delivery

*   Absolutely necessary
    move-corresponding delivery_document_in to delivery_document_out.

*   Since the delivery is created from the freight order, it is assumed that all items in a
*   delivery will be associated to the same order, hence we just read a single record for a
*   delivery to find the associated Freight Order. if this was not correct, the logic could
*   could be changed to also include the item, but the custom field would also need to exist
*   at the item level in that case.

    IF delivery_document_in-deliverydocumenttype = 'LF'.

    SELECT SINGLE TransportationOrder FROM YY1_PREFreightAnalysis INTO @delivery_document_out-yy1_freightorder_dlh
    WHERE Short_dlv = @delivery_document_in-deliverydocument.

    SHIFT delivery_document_out-yy1_freightorder_dlh LEFT DELETING LEADING '0'.


Video: In-app extensibility to add the freight order number on a pick list