Cloud Subscription Renewals

Customer First Renew : Stay on top of your Cloud subscription renewals. Don't leave your renewals to chance. Create templates to develop repeatable renewals plays or just dive right in and create unique and tailored customer renewal plays. Have visibility of all the tasks you need to carry out - across all your ongoing renewals and replacements. Track what you need to do, by when, with whom, adapt and react to unexpected changes and drive a successful renewal.

A landing page dashboard give you a bird's eye view of the task you need to do, or where you have fallen behind, so you can act and don't let a bad situation become an irreparable one!


C1Renew - everything you need to drive successful renewal plans.


Leverage Json API's to import renewal template data and renewal roles.

Light & Dark

Support for light and dark modes.

Export to spreadsheet

Export data to tabular format via share to Airdrop, email or files.

On the pulse

Take the pulse of all your ongoing renewals in one central place.

Sync via iCloud

Synchronise data across all your iDevices.

Extra features

Enjoy extra features on larger devices, such as slice and dice reporting and various grid layouts.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can generate demo data. To do so, from the initial landing page, click on the ‘settings’ icon in the top right corner of the screen. This will show up the Settings page. Scroll down and there you will find a section named ‘Demo data Import’. Click on the button Import Data. This will create a number of typical roles one would find involved in a renewal and this will also create a template renewal play, that you can use in your renewals.

Yes, it is possible to leverage a Json file to enter data in the app. This is in particular, very useful if the template plays contain numerous, complex tasks.

To do so, in the settings tabs , you need to indicate the paths to the roles and or/templates plays you wish to bring in. More information on this will be provided soon, button the meantime, if you know what you are doing, a typical structure of the roles and templates tasks Json is shown below.

Roles Json:

    "id": "61ab0973-695a-4900-a8ca-77ea951bb8bd",
    "renActorName": "Customer Engagement Manager",
    "renActorColor": "lightblue",
    "renActorIcon": "person"

Template Tasks Json:

    "id": 1,
    "templateTaskOwner": "dd37aba2-805d-4e97-9780-70f5e621e29a",
    "templateTaskText": "Check opportunity generation in renewal system",
    "templateTaskInstruction": "Standard renewal preparation - check inbox for renewal creation message",
    "templateTaskActivity": "Internal activity",
    "templateTaskMonth": -12,
    "templateTaskDays": 14,
    "templateOrder": 1